People, companies and things I like.

 Altitude Music

Bespoke and Library music for media. Based in Brick Lane, London, UK


 Lowland Masters

Formidabble mastering engineer, Nigel Palmer.

Big Screen Music

Boutique Library Music Label. A small but very select roster of impressive composers.


 Sonic Distribution

Suppliers of my Apogee and SE Electronics Equipment


 Sound Technology

Suppliers of my Nord keyboards.



The slightly insane Dewana brothers. Creators of the Swarmatron, as heard in Trent Reznor’s score to the Social Network.


Daniel Haggett

Director of Photography / Cameraman extraordinaire.


Ben Lawrie 

High profile documentary director.


 Laura Rossi

Wonderful composer, with a specialist area of silent film.


Horns on Hand

Top notch resource if you need brass recorded.


 Scorecast UK

Unbeatable resource for composers, founded by Deane Ogden in LA


 Screened Music Network

Host to the wonderful London Composer Masterclasses every few months.



Say no more.