December 18, 2016

Synth Album

So I had a lot of fun fiddling around on my synths making this album for Felt Production Music.

I have to say a lot of the joy of making this came from getting away from the computer. I tried to get as much happening as possible with outboard sequencers and live playing. The vast majority was put together like this, with only a couple of software instruments used, mainly for occasional drum machines, and of course the legendary Korg M1  – which, being digital, can be reproduced 100% by the Korg plugin.
Here’s a few selections.
Phantasm was co-written with Jonny Pilcher.
Gorgeous artwork used here is by the immensely talented Sam Richwood

From the Felt Production Music album “Stranger Synths” : 2016


For those interested … here’s a little video showing an example of the workflow :

Equipment Used :

Synths :
Roland Paraphonic 505 Strings
Moog Minimoog Voyager
Sequential Prophet 6
Korg MS10
Arturia Minibrute
Roland MRS2 Promars

Strymon El Capistan

Control Voltage Sequencing:
Arturia Beatstep Pro

Neve 88RLB

Soft Synths:
Korg M1