March 14, 2016

Steve Backshall – Extreme Mountain Challenge

I was really excited to hear many pieces of mine used heavily in BBC 2’s Steve Backshall – Extreme Mountain Challenge, broadcast on Sunday the 6th and 13th March.

It was a gripping account of a group of filmakers’ attempt to, amongst other things, scale a Venezuelan Tepui mountain. There was real danger, amazing wildlife and some incredible photography, mixing up gorgeous HD with shaky GoPro and even iPhone footage, really getting you in amongst the action.

The programme immediately started trending on UK twitter, garnering universal praise, well deserved by the team involved, especially the intrepid director Ben Lawrie and his team of cameramen and climbers.

You can hear examples of the pieces used on:

• The album ‘Storm Chasers’ on the BBC production music site.

• The music from the BBC2 series Jungle Atlantis

• The Altitude Music album  – “Documentary Beds’


If you haven’t already – you can still watch it on BBC iPlayer