June 27, 2014

Mud, Cider, Flower Crowns and yer hands in the AIR !!!

Hello again, sorry for the absence, I’ve been buried in a very exciting project that I unfortunately can’t announce just yet.

In the meantime, and just in time for Glastonbury … here are 3 new tracks I have out on Altitude Music‘s brand new album ‘Indie Wilderness’. Ever right on the money, this timely album is catering for a high demand for the current vogue of the big, celebratory, almost orchestral sounding Indie anthems. Foot stomping, air punching, big ensemble festival indie pop.

In ‘The Fall’ I teamed up with pop legendary pop writer Owen Parker (Girls Aloud, Rebecca Ferguson, The Wanted, Sugababes, Pet Shop Boys) for additional writing and lyrics.

Lyrics have never been my forte, all I seem to get are odd one or two word phrases. I had a melody, so I actually sent Owen my weird demo with a mix of ‘in all the things you say ‘ mumble mumble mumble, random vowel & consonant sounds, and ‘you never took the fall. I was apologising to him for this, but it turns out Owen actually quite liked this approach – so he worked his magic and a full set of lyrics, and an improved melody came out.

Add some of his lovely BV’s and the pin-sharp acoustic guitars of Dave Marks and we had a track. Here it is.

All mastering by the wonderful Nigel Palmer @ Lowland Masters

The track ‘Run The River’ is your classic muddy field foot stomper. Many thanks to Jo Webb for beefing up the chorus vocals and adding some great chorus harmonies.

Finally, ‘The Grand Spectacle’ is an instrumental in the tradition of artists such as Woodkid. I’m particularly fond of the combination of epic trumpets & drums,  and my arpeggiated Minimoog that can be heard after the first chorus and in the final sections and playout.