September 8, 2014

Lush String Synth

I’ve just uploaded a video of a quick demo of my Roland Paraphonic 505 Strings keyboard.
This and the VP330 were the machines favoured by Vangelis for his Blade Runner soundtrack.
I found that routing it through a Strymon ‘El Capistan’ dTape Echo pedal, and finishing it off with a Valhalla Room and Shimmer reverb, gave me that really lush sound I was after.
Theres a couple of really nice things about the 505, and that’s the Bass section – it’s absolutely gorgeous. And a unique feature called ‘Second Touch’ envelope trigger. This means that any time you play a key while others are held down, the envelope will re-trigger. ┬áThis opens up all sorts of expressive possiblilies to get sounds you wouldn’t otherwise get.

I hope you enjoy this.

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