August 11, 2014

I Am Bread

In a hilarious week in December 2014, my brother got made a fellow of Oxford University, meanwhile Bossa Studios released a new game, ‘I Am Bread’ with my piece ‘Clogs and Mice’ (Altitude Music) featured in the trailer and game itself. Big thanks guys !
Well done Sean (my brother) and well done Bossa. It seems that the plight of of this humble slice has been highly regarded as well.

‘I Am Bread is a really good game. More than that it’s a clever, innovative, and refreshingly irreverent one – with a very British sense of humour and a ramshackle charm that makes it one of the most interesting indie games of the year’ – METRO

Those of you STEAM gamers out there, go get involved. I’m sure it’s a real ‘loaf’ :)